First Douglas
Wooden Barn

The columns of  the barn are made of douglas wood while the sides are covered with reclaimed wood boards. And the rest of the barn is made with reclaimed wood beams.

Mortise and tenon joints were used all over the barn with a straight overlap being left at the front of the barn. The bottom part of barn consists of several brick layers.

Second Douglas
Wooden Barn

This barn is made of reclaimed wood beams and douglas boards and poles. Furthermore, the barn has an overlap in length at the front, which has also been built from Douglas boards.

The barn has been treated with Aqua Protect (coating), an environmentally friendly, water-based top coat product. Aqua Protect has been used as a permanent protection for the wood against water, bacteria and mold.

Third Douglas
Wood Barn

This workshop with a storage function has been built from reclaimed wood beams and douglas boards. The ground has been covered with old brick stones saved from a previous demolition in the neighbourhood. The spacious warehouse with separated workshop offers plenty of space for new wood stocks in for example, oak or douglas.

Gardenhouse / Showroom


In this unique gardenhouse with a fireplace, pointed roof, wooden cladding and loft, we display various application of reclaimed wood boards.

The special design of Douglas wood in the details of building structures has given a special attention. The barn was  built in a traditional way by craftsmen using mortise and tenon joints, wooden ceiling cover, classical brick wall cover, detailed corner finish and half-, round window frames.


The outdoor area of Buitenleven Second Life Wood is more than 2000 m2, which provides enough place for storing a large amount of reclaimed wood. Every boards are sorted and placed in a way that the wood could be easily reached for loading and unloading. Private parking and a forklift are both available.

Every guests of ours are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee with us in the garden house, while the children can play at our nice and spacious playground outside.



Our logo has been redesigned by Just Fleur Design Agency from Roosendaal, which we are really proud of!!

The white and light gray letters on the black wood background helps to distinguish our company even more.