4. Painting and Treatment


Reclaimed Wood Boards and Beams need protection and care as they are usually not dyed or treated. In order to stay away from woodworms, the best practice is to check for holes in the wood before usage. Reclaimed woods with holes inside are advisable to stay away from.

In general, the usage of reclaimed wood can be considered as an absolute consistent way of recycling. In order to protect these boards, its owner needs to paint, oil, wax, impregnate or to use any other surface treatment on them. When the boards are inclined to be used outside, it is best to apply at least two layers of stain on the boards for the finest result.

The reclaimed wood boards display the most beautiful finish when they are coloured fist before even fixing them. An extra tip for covering walls with reclaimed wood: it will look its best if you paint the background black. In case of shrinkage of boards, the colour will remain visible, which will result in a beautiful finish.

The painting process:

After sanding reclaimed wood, the boards should be dust-free by wiping the sawdust off and decreasing it with the help of water and ammonia. Afterwards, let them dry well.
1. Apply the first coat of paint on the reclaimed wood and allow it to dry
2. Send the boards lightly, pay extra attention not to sand too hard
3. Now remove excess grease and let the reclaimed wood dry
4. Apply the second coat of paint

The usage of top coats on reclaimed wood

In order to have the painting stay even on reclaimed wood, an extra layer of varnishing is recommended, especially on wooden floors.
1. Sand the last coat of paint with easy motions
2. Now remove excess grease and let the boards dry
3. Apply the first layer of the top coat and then let the reclaimed wood dry
4. Sand the boards again with easy motions
5. Apply the second paint of the top coat on the boards
6. Only apply a third layer of the top coat to wooden floors. Don’t forget to remove excess grease and allow the boards to dry this time as well.

Painting and impregnating the wood for outdoor usage

Wood can be harmed very quickly by the Sun, rain, wind, fungi or bacteria. For protecting the wood against these natural effects, the application of transparent UV block stain is the best solution. The wood will receive its maximum protection from at least two layers of stain.

Buitenleven second life wood has various environmentally friendly impregnates as well as stains and colours listed in our range of products.